This dreaded alarm is not my friend

It’s five AM, it’s time to wend….

….my way once more. And so I lend….

….my body and my soul


10,000 metres every morn

Tis my event, no time to yawn

Down to the track, foregone, forlorn

Three years until the games



Keep on Running


6.2 miles – 25 laps

Can I win gold ? well, yes, perhaps

No problems yet – no real mishaps

I’m focused all the way


The world record I’d love to beat….

….is 27 minutes – wouldn’t that be neat

Whatever happens, I won’t cheat

No way man, I’m no doper

I meet my coach and let him tell….

….his wisdom, and I listen well

Could lead me to the victory bell

Might make all the difference


I can’t afford to stare and stand

I’m signed up to this merry band

Dreaming of gold and glory grand

Three years until Rio



Keep on running



No alcohol, just early nights

At ten o’clock, out go the lights

I have to keep such healthy heights

And watch each calorie


It’s January and freezing cold

‘You must be mad,’ I have been told

That’s true, but I must join the fold….

….of athletes on that plane


And so this penance I must pay

I am driven yes, every day

I ache and sweat and push away

I must be on that plane


I love to run, I love my sport

I must be fast, must not be caught

Fleet of foot and swift in thought

To reach my Rio summit



Keep on Running


Two years to go, I’m having trouble

Missing training, burst my bubble

Can’t be asked, I’m in double – trouble

Disillusioned me


I wave my coach a quick goodbye

Change of direction. Why oh why….

….discipline myself. I need to try….

….and enjoy my life for once


There must be better ways to live

I never take I always give

Deny my body, what a div

I need to get a life


So, I got that life and off I shot

Went down the pub and had me tot

Had me Guinness, stopped the rot

Started to enjoy


Had lots of chicken vindaloo

KFC McDonald’s too

Spent many hours sitting on the ___

You know what I mean


Throwing parties, throwing up

Head floats off with every sup

Never thought to have a cup….

…of good old P G Tips


I swapped me spikes for other things

Party times with late evenings

Hangovers and late mornings

Different type of life


One day I stared into my eyes

Of course the mirror never lies

This wasn’t me but some disguise

‘Please start again’ my body cries

I need to stop and apologize


I need someone here to advise

I need to stop and exercise

Get back on track and stabilize

Get back on track….get back on track

Get back on track…………………


So it’s one year before that plane

And I’ve set my alarm again

Back on that track in wind and rain

So much to catch up on


I beg my coach to understand

‘Forgive, come back and hold my hand

Give me your time and I will land….

….up with a ribbon round my neck’



Keep on Running


I hurt so, but my times are good

I’ve caught up as best I could

Shame my head was made of wood

When I lost those months


But listen now, I’ve qualified

I’m at the Games, how time has flied

All the pain I’ve set aside

My goal has part being reached


All the rough tough years of training

All the times my legs were paining

All the mornings it was raining

When my spirits started waning

It was me who did the gaining


So now I set off – can’t believe

With all that training up my sleeve

25 times, I’m off to weave

Around this tortured track


So if I win or if I fail

I’ve learnt for sure what will prevail

There’s no substitute for my cocktail….

…of hard work and preparation



Keep on Running