Thomas, Nathaniel, Peter and John

Sat there on the beach

No work had begun

The fish were at large

All over the lake

But these ‘eager’ disciples

Were having a break

All they could do this warm summers night

Was discuss ‘serious’ matters

Jerusalem’s plight

Nathaniel was disgusted 

They were beaten again

‘Their goal – keeper’s useless

He plays like a drain’

 Worried Peter then said ‘ it looks bad for them

Next week is the cup match

Against Bethlehem

D’ya know something else

Guess why they call….

….their keeper Cinderella ?

Cos he’s late for the ball’

A few moments of silence then John did declare

‘Well I am fed up

And I tell you, I swear….

….if we talk about football

For one moment more

I’ll jump in the lake 

And swim from this shore’

Again it fell silent as the men did reflect

About their new lifestyle

And how things got wrecked

When their leader Jesus

Was killed on a cross

His was the pain     

Theirs was the loss

‘Life was much better when He was around’

Said John with a tear

‘We’d always be found….

….with Him, in a crowd

The dead being raised

Healing the blind

God being praised’

Now we’ve nothing to do ‘cept sit on this beach

And talk about football

And hear someone preach….

….on the merits of goalkeeping….

….which then leads me wishin’….

….that I was elsewhere…      ( ANGRY )

….Oh, I’m going fishin’ ! ‘

‘I may be naïve’ said Nathaniel to Tom

But I don’t think He’s happy

He’s got a cob on

But let’s follow him out

And see what we catch

Let’s get in the boat

And fish in this patch’

The moon hung bright as they toiled in their bit

They didn’t say much

They just got on with it

But frustration was creeping

The hours ticked on by

They had nothing to show 

For their silent try

Disappointment then reigned as they pulled in their nets

Tom said to Pete ‘this…

….is as good as it gets

What a sad reflection

He belongs in a zoo

But the Jerusalem keeper 

Catches more than we do’

Even John cracked a smile when Tom cracked his joke

But all then looked up

As they heard this bloke

He was way on the shore

And balling out loud

Demanding attention

From the fisherman crowd

‘Had any luck tonight with the old fishin’ chaps ?

If not, I just thought….

….that maybe, perhaps….

….if you dangled your nets

….on the right of the boat

You might profit more

And hit the right note’

The crew were all still, and a minutes silence observed

For that bright comment

So strange and absurd

This absurd stranger

Then drew John’s wrath

And led him right down 

To his angry path

He boiled, ‘what’s all this tosh, about fish and notes

Please do not insult us

With your crazy quotes

‘Hey lads’ said Nathaniel 

‘Let’s give it a try

‘Think he may be right

But I couldn’t tell you why’

Obedient disciples then lowered as told

Their nets to the right

Immediately they rolled….

….and they rocked with the catch

Hard work for the men

As they struggled together

To bring the fish in

When that task was done they all looked to the shore

Considering the man

With bewildered awe

Dawn was just breaking

On Lake Galilee

When the stranger said, ‘Peter

Tis Jesus, tis Me’

Immediately then Peter just threw himself out

And swam like the clappers

Amongst the cod and the trout

To get to see Jesus

Who now sat by a fire

He got to the beach

And Jesus said ‘hi ya….

….glad you could make it, now go grab a plate

I’ve cooked some already

It tastes really great’

The rest of the crew

Well laden with food

Brought their catch ashore

In incredulous mood

Jesus became mother, organising the meal

His happy guests ate

The cod and the eel

They heard He had risen 

But they never thought

He’d show up like this

Cooking what they had caught

Twas morning on Galilee and breakfast was served

After toiling all night

It was what they deserved

Then Jesus said ‘right’

With a radiant smile

Now we’ve finished munching

Let’s talk awhile

I have questions for you Peter. We need to chat

But first let me say

That last night I sat….

….and I watched the football

Jerusalem Town

Should have seen that keeper

Oh what a clown ! ’

But now serious business, I want you all to know….

….about the three times….

….when we heard the cock crow

Remember that night 

And the pain that I bore

I forgive you now Peter

So don’t worry no more’


Imagine it was me who served on His team 

And three times denied

And didn’t come clean

And then fruitlessly fished….

….my way through the night

And was served by that one

As dark became light

I’d feel ten feet tall that He forgave me

I’d stick out my chest

And walk happily

And lift my head up

And do the right thing

I’d turn it around

And I’d serve my King 

So now in the summer, as outside I cook

Right there on the patio

On the grill, I will look….

….at the spare ribs and steaks there

I wonder, do you      

If Jesus will show up 

At my barbeque  ? 

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