Oh Mother please, what can I say ?

I wish you a happy Mother’s Day

Although I cannot see your face

Because I’m stuck within this place

I hope the sun shines where you are

You’re a super mum – the brightest star

I hope you like this card I sent

Made it myself – it’s really meant….

….to resemble a lovely flower

Not a spoon or the Eiffel Tower…

….but honestly, comes from my heart

That’s the best place I can start

I haven’t written you for a while

It’s very hard for me to smile

It’s very hard for me to live

It’s very hard for me to give

It’s just me here and no one else

Despite the guys in all the cells

Despite the wall of constant noise….

….of laughs and cussing from the boys

I am surrounded, yet the truth

….is I’m so lonely in my youth

Not a friend to lend a shoulder

Not a guide as life gets colder

You are the closest one to me

But how often do I see ?

Once a week, or sometimes two

Plus my phone call coming through

I wish I had what you have got 

But I have clearly lost the plot

Your life it’s obvious, is defined

By church, and God the Mastermind

The one who’s made you what you are

The one who’s helped you bear this scar….

….of me, this embarrassment – your precious son

Of me – 2 more years to be done

So tell me Mother, on your big day

Why did God let me slip away ?

I hear the birds and see the stars

But only through these painful bars 

You have your smile, you have your peace

My door it slams. There’s no release

God hangs with you, but not with me

What sort of god would your god be ?

Mother’s Day ? don’t make me laugh 

Where is he, your ‘God and a half ?’

Should have a house – block day, a special date

Just our lot, we’ll celebrate


I’m sorry Mom, don’t mean those words

Wish I could go and join those birds

So happy in their freedom song

Industrious, where they belong

Having a purpose every morning

Not dreading every day a – dawning

Mother…….please ignore my self pity

I did the crime back in the city

It’s only right I serve my time

Take no notice of my whine

If you were stood here now, I’d hear


‘Son, God loves you, have no fear   

He watches you each day each night

He knows your pain and sees your plight

God’s love for you is always strong 

God forgives them who have done wrong

And as your Mom, my expertize

Is to pray for you – get on my knees

God knows my son and loves him so

And has a plan for him to grow

Me and Him, we’re on your case

So get that smile back on your face’


I suppose I must try and locate….

….this god of yours, make him a mate

Look dear Mom, let’s re-assess

I wrote this to try and bless

You took my rubbish words and built….

….me up again, right to the hilt

I promise that I will have a try….

….At this praying lark – yeah, to your guy

This God has done great things for you

Perhaps he might help me out too

So, I have a hope, I’m feeling better

I’m so glad I wrote this letter

Mom, I love you, what can I say ?

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day

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