Poor Pilate’s face was desperate, pale
Jesus his problem, grew fragile and frail
The crowd were baying for their Holy Grail
Holy King was in big trouble

‘Let us have him, get it over,’ they say
‘Crucify him !’  So, Pilate gave way,
This reluctant governor had had a bad day,
He passed the prisoner over

The clock was ticking, Jesus burdened along
The day was heavy, revengeful and wrong
The crowd kept Jesus company in song
‘Crucify, crucify, crucify’

Hoisted upon that wood so high
In between two robbers in the sky
The soldiers laughed and mocked, ‘so why…..
…can’t you save yourself ? ‘

The crown of thorns, gave pain and blood
The nails went in, with damming thud
Whilst on the ground in dirt and mud
The insults filled the air

Only the wretched ones were gifted….
….the privilege of being shifted….
….way up there, suspended, lifted
On a cross of shame

As Jesus then flowed in and out ….
….of consciousness, he thought about…
….what he had done to hear the shout….
…. of the ones he came to save

At that moment, he thought out loud
And drew a silence from the crowd
‘Listen here, I’m way too proud
To be hung out to dry’

Then He burst free from captive cross
Said, ‘I’ve had enough of all this dross
I’m alright, twill be your loss
I’m off – not coming back’

The soldiers thought that he had died
But nails and thorns were cast aside
No scars were there for him to hide
He used His Godly powers

So Jesus departed- no one spoke
Bar hideous screams from gathered folk
So off he went, this chosen bloke
And that was the end of that

Thank goodness that this wasn’t true
Because Jesus died for me and you
His body hung there, black and blue
So we could live eternally

If I imagine no one had chose
….to stand in my place and take the blows
With swollen cheek and bloodied nose
Where would I be now ?

I’d have no purpose, no there’d be no rules
I’d have that hatred that evil fuels
I’d be one of life’s complete fools
No need for responsibility

Worst of all though, who’d I pray to
When life’s troubles pile on through
Who do I lean on, when I haven’t a clue ?
Can’t make it on my own

If He hadn’t died, I’d be on my own
Imposter, me, my cover blown
The biggest plonker ever known
I wouldn’t know what to do

Every morning I need him to listen
I need His strength, his ammunition
Even at my best, I’m in no condition….
….to triumph through my day

Jesus has given me my place in the race
He knows my name, He knows my face
Without Him I’d vanish without trace
Thank Heaven for the cross

Serving means suffering, He certainly did that
He says’ don’t worry, come let’s have a chat
Go put out your problems, with the cat
That’s why I died for you’

I’m so glad Jesus blood was shed
It means that when I get out of my bed
Wherever my feet today will tread
Hallelujah, I have a risen Saviour