Strolling by the Red Sea, I arrived just in time

Something kicked off

No reason or rhyme

A preponderance of people

Were stood by the edge

All getting ready

To jump off the ledge


Curiosity grilled the fat, so I pushed to the front

I found this strange bloke

I said ‘can I be blunt

May I ask you a question

Promise to be quick

Please, where are you pointing

That, ‘poxy old stick ?’


He turned and he gasped and his eyes opened wide

And he gave me this look

And then he replied

‘My name is Moses

Remember the basket

If we don’t move soon

I’ll be in a casket


There are chariots and horses coming over the hill

With strange nasty men

Carrying spears that will kill

So I quietly asked God

For a quick rescue plan’

Then he said ‘Moses

Be patient my man

Just take a stick and go wave at the waves

And your enemies will meet

Their watery graves’

‘I’ve always been patient

With answers to prayer

But He better be quick

Cos they’re just over there’


You read the story a hundred times I bet

Moses escaped

The others got wet

His companions sang

A victorious song

Pointing in the sea

Where they did belong


Pharaoh no more

Egypt no more

Slavery no more

Suffering no more………….


I’ve got so many questions, concerning my Bible Reading Genesis 6

I’m afraid that I’m liable….

….to look for some answers

So I go off again

To some barren place

That’s crying for rain


I spy a huge boat, man it smells like a zoo

Standing and waiting

So shiny and new

This old bearded bloke

Just wanders around

Looking up at the sky

With his ship well aground


My inquisitive mind could bear it no more

‘Excuse me my friend

While you’re still ashore

May I ask you a question

I know I’m naïve

But how is this vessel

Intending to leave ?’


This ancient old geezer, considered my word

‘My name is Noah

Haven’t you heard

For 120 years

I’ve taken such stick

People passed by and….

….told me I’m thick


But I don’t give a monkeys what anyone did say

God gave me a job

I said ‘God, that’s okay

A boat with some livestock

That’s alright with me

And so I began….

….my obediencey


As you see, all is now finished, the animals inside

So now I’ve asked God

For an incoming tide

Just something to move us

Do a few knots

The silence is deafening

But He calls the shots’


I asked him for patience, it’s His plan not mine

He’ll do His own bit

In his own time’

‘Farewell’ I bade Noah

‘I hope it rains soon

Send in the clouds

Should now be your tune !’


There’s so many characters in the good book

I’ve so many questions

So let’s take a look

Or should I say, Luke

In chapter 18

A bigger commotion

There never has been


I’ve got my eye on this bloke in a tree

Best go and join him

Best climb carefully

Best get a move on

Up this sycamore

Up clear of the pushing

Down there on the floor


As I shared his branch, along he did lurch

Seems he didn’t want me

Up here on his perch

‘Good morning’ I offered

We have a great view

I presume Jesus will come

In a minute or two


The uneasy man said ‘my name is Zak

People normally swear and….

….cuss at my back

I ain’t got no friends

I just collect money

For me life is simply

Cash, milk and honey


Wow, a mini confession we have here I thought

This bloke’s on a mission

A desperate sort

So in I jumped

With my famous line

‘May I ask you a question

Can you give me a sign


Please tell me what moved you, to come here today?

Amongst all your neighbours

Who I can hear say

What an odious reptile

You seem to have been

How d’you feel inside

Tell me what they mean ?


A tear then escaped from Zachaeus’s eye

Amidst all the noise

He began to cry

‘I’m tired of the pain

Gathering here in my heart

I’m tired of being me

I need a new start


I couldn’t hear him then cos Jesus came round

Zak cheered like the rest

And returned to the ground….

…served tea back in his house

You know all the rest

Just shows what can happen

When you talk to the best


My travelling days have ceased, no questions for a while

The biggest question is for me

Will I always smile

Will I always be honest ’bout

What’s gathering in my heart

Let it be praise and worship

Let me play my part


Let me take my sling and fight

Let me fish all through the night

Push the stone away with all my might

Have patience, when God seems out of sight

Better ask myself those questions


© 2015 John Sterry