The microphone stirs up the crowd

As gladiators stand there proud


In corner here, with bag and sling

From Israel, David. Poor little thing !


But over there, welcome tonight

Goliath, champion of many a fight


The lights go down, the people roar

As Dave and Golly prepare for war


The bell then signals do or die

As these enemies, stare eye to eye


Goliath stands there, ten feet tall

Beard like a bush, strong as a wall


Lifts high his sword, addresses his foe

‘Tell me you dwarf, why didn’t you grow


No battle this Philistine, ever has lost

You’ve counted sheep, now count the cost


What exactly will you do to me

Launch out a head butt, on my knee


Or perhaps you think you’ll have me beat

Getting into my boots, tickling my feet


An Israelite midget, yes that’s you

I’ve scraped better things off my shoe


You’re scum, you’re dumb, you’re trash, you’re vile

You wimp, you odious spotted reptile’


‘You don’t like me much,’ said Dave, the boy

‘Seems sarcasm is your only ploy


I’ll fight on any combat field

I’m a man of faith, with God my shield


And I’ll inform you Mr. Philistine

That whilst tending those sheep of mine


Many a lion has lost their block

As they came sniffing round my flock’


‘Oh yeah’, said Golly, pointing to the sky

‘See those pigs go flying by’


‘You’re big on legs but short on brain

I’ll have to spell it out again


I’m not alone just standing here

The reason why I have no fear


Is my God has sent me to this fight

The Philistine verses the Israelite


You’re dead meat Golly, I’ve come to kill

I hope that you have made a will’


The big man laughed, threw back his head

‘Today the wild dogs will be fed


When I have severed all your limbs

They’ll be no harp playing out those hymns’


As verbals then reached a new height

The crowd were screaming for a fight


The Philistines sang loud the chants

Put that adolescent on his pants


Dave’s supporters were the few

T’was almost really if they knew


That their man was always doomed

T’was inevitable that a knockout loomed


At this juncture, David prayed

That this giant would now be slayed


‘Please God give me your strength in battle

Let’s hear the Philistine’s death rattle’


Golly’s sword still stretched up high

Like a tree into the sky


‘The time has come for you my lad

Easiest scrap I’ve ever had’


But Dave was in the Godly zone

Out of his bag he took a stone


The crowd went quiet, the night was hot

As in his sling he placed his shot


Dave prayed again as he took aim

‘God, put your enemy to shame


One stone I trust will see him dead

Help me to pebble dash his head’


The stone flies straight, the giant cries

It cops him right between the eyes


The contest ended, we all saw

Poor Golly, still, upon the floor


The wounded giant had no way back

After receiving such a whack


No paramedics there to save

The big man from an early grave


His followers ran to the hills

After seeing God’s stone that kills


But Dave’s contingent came to life

Seeing him survive the giant’s knife


So David the hero returned to his king

Saul was so pleased, he gave him a ring


Also his daughter to marry as well

What a great story, his children, to tell


He fought the good fight, away Golly was blown

How could he lose, with God, and a stone


© 2011 John M Sterry