August the eighth is a-coming soon
I know that you can’t wait
The whistle gets piped by referee
And the devoted ones elate

From Damascus down to Beersheba
From Nazareth to Jericho
The Premiership of Palestine
Is football’s greatest show

Many players have been signed
New contracts been agreed
Agents getting ten per cent
Such greed by them indeed !

Well I’m privileged to play for….
….this team from Galilee
Our name is the Disciple Eleven
We’re bound by loyalty

We’re all good mates, I’ll introduce….
…a number of them to you
Matt was once a tax collector
But now he wears no. 2

And Thomas is our centre back
But he’s got stomach pains
If he’s a doubt for the first match
He’ll be replaced by James

Up front we have to get the goals
Ex – fisherman, extraordinaire
Peter, always in the right place
To find the net with care

His scoring partner Andrew
Like Pete did cast a rod
Defenders hated marking them
Cos they both wreaked of cod

Our wing back is called Judas
If I want to play next week
I’ll keep my distance, making sure….
….that he don’t kiss my cheek

There’s Bart and Philip contributing….
….to our team’s midfield
And of course, hey, we have Jude
A superb goalie shield

We’ll all be playing for this side….
….for many years to come
We’ll show a brand new attitude
Sound structure and have fun

We’ll show a brand new discipline
And we will earn respect
We have to catch the pundit’s eye
With a positive effect

Don’t need a ‘loyal’ man like Delph
Who is only after wealth
Do we need a Baleotelli ?
Do we heck, not on your nelly

Or Sterling whizzing down the flanks ?
Heard his agent ?   Oh no thanks
A Barton, Cattermole or a Keane ?
Nah, I’d rather we signed Mr Bean

The manager had his eye on me
Apparently for a while
So I committed all to him
And then reviewed my style

Yeah, this manager is a different sort
Man management is his key
He breaks you down, old habits go
He kind of, sets you free

In the dressing room before a game
We have a huddle there
Stinking of our liniment
We spend a time in prayer

We make sure we have no doubts
Our preparation is the best
Before we cross that thin white line
We know we’ll pass the test

But it’s quite hard, this Premiership
Don’t know what’s round the bend
May be a victory or defeat
But our boss we’ll defend

So, the competition will soon commence
New start new hope new kit
New aspirations for fans and team
New standards we must fit

One name my tongue has not yet shared
The Disciple Eleven’s new coach
His reputation impeccable
His name beyond reproach

He’s not like the Chelsea loudmouth
The epitome of naff….
….who calls himself the special one
Oh please, don’t make me laff

Jesus is my manager forever
The best boss I have found
The pitch we play on every week ?
It’s called the Holy Ground

© 2015 John M Sterry