School was a miserable experience that day

I got thrown out of class

But first let me say

That in my defence

The missile I threw

Was not meant to hit

That large pot of glue


It fell off the table – the teacher’s no less

And crashed on the floor

To make such a mess

Outside I was banished

To shamefully wait

Till home time arrived

When I raced for the gate


You cannot blame me – I was only six

We all were the same

We all sported tricks

I was finding my feet

In life’s pantomime

But in school I found trouble

Most of the time


So I headed for home that cold afternoon

Pouring with rain

Hope I get there soon

Dark clouds were menacing

Chill wind was a – blowing

Can’t see where it came from

But I know where it’s going


My house stood waiting at the top of this road

It was so far ahead

The elements slowed….

….me making progress

Oh no – is it true

What have I trod in ?

Oh look at my shoe


The punishing rain did keep me in check

All over my collar

And right down my neck

On the pavement edge

I then did suffer

This crazy car splashed me….

Right there in the gutter


My whole day at school was such a disaster

All because my art

I just could not master

Concentration is hard

Then my focus wanes

I struggle to paint

So then boredom reigns


But who cares about that useless place

And my odious teacher

Who’s a complete nutcase

But today is Wednesday

So when I get home

It’s pork chop time

On a huge great bone


Mother’s roast potatoes will be lying there

With gravy so thick

I’ll be claiming my share

Then my favourite dish

That’s every boys dream

There’s hot apple pie

With lashings of cream


Must stop this food fantasy and finish the walk

And immediately cease

All of that school talk

The more I consider

Of where I belong

The faster my feet

Do shuffle along


Well here is my door, someone please be in

Let’s turn round my day

From lose to win

I accepted the consequence

Of my classroom badness

And braved the punishment

Of that weather madness


There’s a welcome from Mom with such a big smile

That helps me forget

Today’s bitter trial

She pulls off my coat

That is twice the weight

With all the wetness

Of precipitate


The door shuts tight, the world is closed out

I am safe, secure

From teacher’s shout

They don’t understand

At my primary school

They treat me just like

A complete primary fool


The smell, smell that, that’s good, good food

In cooking, oh yes

My Mom is well clued

See that roaring fire

Soon my face gets warm

Starts healing me from….

…the angry storm


Beside the fire waiting, sits this comfy chair

I soon eye it up

And sink into there

Upon my damp knees

Mom places a tray

Blessed with scrumptious meal

I then feed away


In corner the television brightens up our night

We watch Mary Poppins

Who flies out of sight

With that great umbrella

Should have given it to me

Then I would have arrived

A bit drier for tea


So the hours passed by in our warm little bubble

I forgot all ‘bout school

And my bit of trouble

Outside the world was….

….so tough to endure

All I knew inside

Was safe and secure


The years have passed by and I’ve kids of my own

They sometimes arrive

A bit weathered back home

So I remember my Mom

How she’d make me feel

Creating a fortress

A refuge so real


I make sure of a welcome of warmth at the door

A ‘how’s your day been’

And there’s hugs galore

We make them feel loved

And pleased to be part

Of a blest family

With God at the heart



© 2011 John Sterry