Every month Aspire member John writes poetry to fit with the unique themes of the Chapel services.

These vary in style but always manage to combine a rare mixture of gentle humour and profound poignancy.

This month is no exception, so we thought it deserved a wider audience.


He is There

Do you think God sits way up there
On His heavenly throne, without a care
Suppin’ His tea with a chocolate éclair
Watchin’ daytime TV ?

D’ya think He gives a monkeys ‘bout you
Stumbling through life, not having a clue
He’s got far more important things to do
Than to listen to your woes

D’ya think it would take a long e–mail
To explain to God how you seem to fail
A daily mess up, you’re beyond the pale
D’ya think it would get through ?

Would He think it’s junk and then delete
Would He google you and see you cheat
And ignore you there on Depression Street
You’d assume His server’s down

So desperate would you send a text
Hoping that God would read it next….
….ahead of all the other shipwrecks
Who vie for His attention

He’d see your words upon His screen
And say ‘who is this, Mr Bean
Help this strange one ? Oh, in your dreams
I’m going to change my number’

D’ya think a letter marked Heaven, JC
With all your problems, might just be….
….the turning point, a pointed plea
With a nice first class stamp

D’ya think He’d look at the envelope
And say ‘scruffy writing, there’s no hope
This bloke is on a slippery slope
Think I’ll aim it for the bin’

Ever thought that you may dial
God’s heavenly number on His mobile
D’ya think He’d look and say ‘a pile….
….of of grovelling’s a-coming

Too busy to answer, some other time
When the weather is a bit more fine
Can’t bear to hear another whine
I’m off to find a cloud’

Of course these verses make a jest
Years ago when I put God to the test
Surprise, I discovered He’s the best
He blew away my fears

A while ago a mate called Pete
His wonderful wife, lovely and sweet
Had a monster that she had to beat
She was fighting a disease

All us chums who held them dear
Got on our knees, our words to steer….
….to God who’s always there to hear
When anyone’s in pain

Separate, together, we continued to pray
We never forgot them every day
Simple words God heard us say
‘Please bless this family’

With my two young children every night
Innocent words to God took flight
‘We pray all wrongs be turned to right
Please bless this family’

In this chapel He sits with us
He’s mindful that we want some fuss
Our needs today are enormous
That’s why He’s here right now

Accessible and plentiful
Forgiving and reliable
Understanding, always faithful
Consistent and available

So make a move, don’t be afraid
Don’t live your life there in the shade
He gave His Son, the price is paid
So you’re His child, anyway

Speak to Him there in your cell
He already knows you very well
Today go ring your praying bell
He’d love to hear from you

You in a mess, going round the bend ?
You want someone who will defend
I’ve news for you, you’ve got a friend
He’s by you all the time

But it doesn’t matter where you are
Going by bus or in your car
God will think you’re such a star
If you pray your words to Him

If you’re in trouble and need Him fast
It is simple, ain’t no major task
He’ll be there before you ask
Better than the Samaritans

When it’s quiet just have a try
Say what you feel and ask Him why
Don’t be afraid to laugh or cry
He’ll stick closer than a brother

So there you go, I’ve said me bit
I hope my rambling will somehow fit
But there’s one more thing before I quit
Remember our mate Pete

Just to show what prayer can do
His wife’s improved, she feeling new
More radiotherapy ? no thank you
God’s helped this family

Please call His name you will be saved
He’ll guarantee your sins be waived
You’ll enter then a place that’s paved….
….with blessings every day

So call His name, and have a chat
You don’t need a posh prayer mat
He’ll be there at the drop of a hat
So go drop your hat now

© 2010 John Sterry